Telecom & Industrial

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

HTM250 modular inverter system
with STS switch,max 16KVA for single phase, 48KVA for three phase
STM250 modular inverter system
19"3U compact modular inverter system, perfect for redundancy telecome applications
TP600 series inverter
Function and cost balance, the most popular product in Telecome and Industrail market, max 6KVA
support TCP/IP, offer plenty information for web-based display and controll
TN5000 TCI inverter
especially designed for application with rugged power situation
TJ20 monitor module
Be used in STM250, LCD display and friendly user interface
TJ10-G/TJ30-G Monitor and STS module
Be composed by a central monitor and static transfer switch, which can be used for HTM250 system
TM250 inverter module
Component of STM250 and HTM250, 24VDC 1KVA, 48/110/220VDC 1-2KVA available

Industrial UPS

TU6100 on-line UPS
On-line UPS, always offer clean AC output for the loads
DC UPS specially designed for industrial applications where FTU/RTU is installed
TOB series outdoor cabinet
Cabinet for TU400 and battery
TU400 outdoor UPS
line interactive UPS designed for outdoor application which can be used as a backup power solution

Automotive & Marine

Inverter Charger Combination

Energier Pro combi
Powerful function, high efficiency, low self-consumption

Smart Battery Charger

Master Power Unit
Smart battery charger, Battery charging relay,PWM charger controller and Battery Low Voltage Protection
Trident Battery charger
Smart multi-steps battery charger for marine and caravane market

Battery Management

ICR series Charging Relay
Utilize the spare energy of alternator during engine running and reduce the service battery size on board
BLVP Battery Low Voltage Protection
An automatic protection to avoid deep discharge of service battery
Battery Monitor
An easy-to-install device offering a precise battery status monitoring of various kinds


Crystal monitor
Smart and friendly device for display the status and setting the configuration of caravane soltion

Solar energy solution & Power backup

Charger/Inverter Combination

Energie Pro combi
New generation combi with powerful function, high efficiency and low power consumption for solar market.
SC solar combi
Inverter and solar charger controller combined in one box
Energie Home combi
Basic combi specially designed for Solar/Gen or Solar/Grid system
CS inverter/charger combination
Basic but reliable inverter/charger combination, perfect for power backup market

Pure sine wave inverter

Solar Max pure sine wave inverter
High efficiency, low power consumption, reliable solar inverter

MPPT Solar charger controller

Solar Mate MPPT controller
MPPT solar charger controller

Load Management Device

Pilot A load management distribution
AC load smart distribution, help customer to save the system and battery capacity

Battery Management

Battery Monitor
Microprocessor controlled combined with high resolution measuring system


Vision Pro
LCD centrol display and setting device for Energie Pro
LED remote controller for Energie pro
Support twin AC inputs device
Automatic Generator Start