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Trident Battery charger

Trident smart battery charger is designed especially for various kinds of lead acid batteries in various applications. Combined with most up to date technology and our knowledge with batteries, it can be your advisable choice for your batteries recharging. 
Batteries will be permanently damaged by either overcharged or remaining undercharged for any period of time. Trident will continuously deliver right charging at any circumstance. Meantime, it offers some very useful battery management features which can recondition your battery to prolong its life expectancy.

⦁ Controlled by microprocessor and with TBB Premium I multiple charging stages, which can always keep your battery in good condition           avoiding undercharge or overcharging. 
⦁ Recycle Charging
⦁ Easily choose 4 options covering Flooded, Freedom, Gel, AGM Batteries by dip switch setting.
⦁ Automatic temperature compensation.
⦁ Silent fan.
⦁ PCB coated against salt moisture corrosion. 
⦁ High ambient temperature rated. 
⦁ Complete protection
⦁ LVD and EMC compliance