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Solar Mate MPPT controller

Solar Mate is a solar charge controller with built in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, which enable them to increase the output from a solar photovoltaic (PV) array by as much as 30% compared with non-MPPT designs.

Solar Mate can optimize the PV’s output eliminate the fluctuation due to shading or temperatures variables. It is a multi-voltage MPPT with built in sophisticated battery charging algorithm for both lead acid battery or lithium-ion battery, of which could support a wide variety of system designs. Meantime, the data management with 365days of history record can tell user actual performance of its system.
Thanks to its self cooling design, it is suitable for most rugged environment with dust or bugs. SP range products can operate at their full rating in ambient temperatures as high as 45℃.

⦁ For off-grid photovoltaic system up to max 4kW
⦁ Peak efficiency 98%
⦁ Excellent performance at sunrise and low solar insulation levels
⦁ Low self consumption
⦁ Continuous operation at full power up to 45C without de-rating
⦁ Self cooling design for high reliability
⦁ Built in TBB premium II battery charging algorithm for lead acid battery
⦁ Data logging 365days
⦁ Extensive networking and communication capabilities
    ⦁ Auxiliary contact
    ⦁ RS485 : communication among TBB products or with others