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Energier Pro combi

Energier Pro is a new generation inverter charger combination. Multiple power management approaches make it convenient to compose different advanced hybrid independent power systems.

With external AGS, it can start the genset in the system automatically.

With built in AEA, It can automatic allocate the power available with AC source (either grid or genset) using whatever extra for charging, thus avoiding grid or generator to be overloaded.

With Vision Lite monitor, system configuration and programming can be easily achieved. Abundant alarm info and history records are available as well.

Heavy duty pure sine wave inverter 

  • - outstanding performance for various kinds of home appliance, such as coffee machine, microwave, air conditioner
  • - high efficiency peak 92%
  • - low status consumption power effectively protecting the battery energy.  E.g. 12.5W for 1KW version 

High power smart battery charger for service battery

  • - sophisticated TBB premium II multiple stages charging algorithm 
  • - built in automatic temperature and voltage compensation 
  • - Various charging algorithm for multiple battery chemicals including AGM, GEL, Semi traction, Lithium etc.
Float charger designed for starter battery maintenance 
Charger only function 
Standby level adjustable
Built in Ground relay: isolated Input/Output neutral 
Auxiliary contact is available for power management
Fully programmable
Gen mode make it suitable for majority of diesel generator