Telecom & Industrial
TBB offers wide range of inverter, industrial UPS and guarantees your business continuity with a reliable AC power solution
Automotive & Marine
We offer complete on board power solution for various kinds of special vehicle, of which it ensures a reliable independent power solution, featuring best availability, flexibility and low total ownership cost.
Solar energy solution & Power backup
In area without public grid or with unstable grid, the various tailored hybrid or offgrid solutions for a reliable electricity supply can be alternatives in this case. Energy storage system does not only increase the self-consumption for the energy from PV, but also reduce the independence on grid.


HTM250 modular inverter system

with STS switch,max 16KVA for single phase, 48KVA for three phase

Trident Battery charger

Smart multi-steps battery charger for marine and caravane market

Solar Mate MPPT controller

MPPT solar charger controller

Crystal monitor

Smart and friendly device for display the status and setting the configuration of caravane soltion

Energier Pro combi

Powerful function, high efficiency, low self-consumption

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